Management Software: Flexible systems for all business sectors

We deliver Management software built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Our systems cover all areas of requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and other ISO-related standards. The systems are easily tailored according to need and run on all SharePoint versions: Office 365, Foundation and Server and can be installed on your preferred platform/location.

SIMPLI_MANAGE_logo Management system for ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other requirement standards. Graphical easy-to-use process chart with built-in documentation and resources such as risks, documents, requirements etc. SIMPLI Manage contains risk handling (positive and negative), document governing system, requirement handling, System calendar, My page, Competence module, targets and planning, customer and supplier evaluation, different dashboards / overviews and much more.
SIMPLI_BETTER_logo SIMPLI Better is our Improvement and Non-conformity system with great flexibility and easy to adapt for any type of organization. The system has a user friendly interface for initial reporting and casework. Alerts are being sent to relevant users when new reports come in, cases are finished or a deadline has been neglected. Users can report from regular PC browser interface or from a mobile app running on all three major operation systems: Android, iOS and Windows.
SIMPLI Project is a «work room» for many different tasks such as projects, product development, department administration and much more. It gives you all the benefits of a managment system and a project tool in one: Inherit parts of or the whole graphic process chart with its documentation with local resources such as risks, requirements, checklists, tasklists, document control checklists, correspondance and document archives, document templates etc.
SIMPLI App runs on all three major mobile platforms. You may send reports and cases into Better, or any other list in any of our systems. In addition, you may display any information from the system, such as risks, requirements, documentations etc. SIMPLI App gives any user easy access the specified areas of the system and enables mobile employees to stay connected and updated. To use the app you need to purchase and install a SharePoint component on your SharePoint site.
SIMPLI_FACTS_logo Facts may be used alone or in conjunction with our other systems. Facts and climate reports follow the guidance in ISO 14031 (environmental performance), ISO 14033 (Guide quantitative environmental data) and requirements of ISO 14064 (carbon audit), as well as GHG protocol and can support reporting also for EMAS, Eco, GRI / CSR etc. Facts has functions for creating advanced formulas, designing indicators and locate measure points.